Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an upgrade take?

MODS’ lead time takes between one (1) to three (3) working days depending on the scale of work, amount of orders, and other dependencies.

Do you have warranties?

MODS has a three (3) day warranty for your services and orders. If your item is still under store warranty, please know that it is voided.

What kind of parts do you use?

MODS use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) items that fall within our quality control and guidelines.

Do you have a physical store?

At the moment, MODS is purely online, and with the current climate, we only do online services. Be assured that we take care of all the items you send over from the moment we receive them until the time we send them out.

Do you take extra precautions with our items?

MODS abides by our quality control by ensuring that your items are handled by qualified personnel. We will be transparent with all issues that your accessories may have. Furthermore, before sending the item back to you, we disinfect it using UV-C light that effectively kills viruses for your own safety.

What are our shipping options?

Delivery will be shouldered by the client and you can choose your preferred courier. Please know that the lead time and service warranty only begin as soon as the items are on-hand.

What are your payment options?

We have a growing platform for payments. We have credit card options for both VISA and MasterCard, as well as online banking options like BPI, GCash, PayMaya, GrabPay, and Atome.